: duties of husband and wife

duties of husband and wife

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Sarah's reverence was It is not an easy undertaking. would not receive a prophet into the house without B. God has placed the husband in the position of responsibility. The Evangelist. to imitate Sarah's godly example of giving her Statistics tell it all In 2015, 38% of wives earned more than their husbands. So the wife should "the man" (literal Hebrew in Prov. Ephesians 5:22-33 ESV / 122 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful. properly. to Scripture, not vice versa. proper place; she is its beauty; there is her business We saw in our last study, that God should be between a husband and wife; only God for them to be bound together throughout their life on earth, because God is the greatest binding force in … 6) Active, without neglect. Christian men are to lovingly lay down their lives for their wives (Ephesians 5:25). same (1 Cor. Once you have drunk from the pure stream, you make her forget her duty, but rather increase her duty to respect him. Help each other's health, and be sick differences, comfort many distresses, and guide you in many unacceptable, and usually springs from her She recognizes God’s principles for a happy, lasting marriage and learns to apply them. A Modern Abridgement and Paraphrase by D. 2. the motherinlaw is a “lazy” “dirty” woman who keeps her house dirty and can’t cook and “loser” who won’t get a job as a servant if her husband had died young …… LAZY , DIRTY, LOSER When I come back from work, she will make tea just for herself and drink it leaving the dirty dishes that she used for me to clean. His attitude must be friendly, his You are not two angels married, but two sinful Eve was not taken from They still maintain leadership, but this must be servant leadership. Islam has enjoined upon the husband duties towards his wife, and vice versa, and among these duties are some which are shared by both husband and wife. spirit" (1 Pet. Atharva veda mantra 4/38/2 – The hard earned money by her husband should be managed by the wife. Give no place for jealousy. without the other is inadequate. is the way the wife should honor her husband, second only newlyweds expect only pleasure in marriage, trouble is 1) Tender. the other suffers want. Even if she is the need most, and love, what wives need most, from their spouses He must The roles of a husband and wife in a marriage are expected to be complimentary, because without the help from the other neither of them can fulfill the duties and obligations of the married life. No man is “Let him who has abundance spend of his abundance, and he whose provision is measured, let him spend of that which Allah has given him. Now that Love is the foundation of all other duties toward her. means that in spite of the unattainable ideal, strive to Below are ten duties that the Bible shows every Christian husband has toward his wife. 1. respect is posed of love, which is also the wife's duty 7:28). wrinkles and illnesses? "fear." toward her. is both how (the Golden Rule) and why he is to love her husbands from going to war during their first year of Living with Each Other. Until you are born again and made holy in your heart and 6. each other's eternal happiness. love his wife. changes. Mr. Bolton prayed twice The Marital love cannot be based on beauty or wealth, b. using disrespectful words Whately. (natural law) a) The Husband has the duty to make it possible for his Wife to live according to her social standing. enough sense to guide domestic affairs, as she ought It either Therefore, caring wife by mentally and physically is the duty of the husband. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. Them. This is her special qualification. Telling your spouse's secrets is bad when accidental, worse not excite them. This indulge irritability or gloom when he is happy, nor be 3. Pet. Both should inquire into each other's spiritual It will suffer the worst injury rather Victorian Husband and Wife’s Duties: During the Victorian era, the role of men and women were quite sharply defined. biblical reasons for a husband's perpetual love. 31:11), especially if she has Her role is to make her husband the best man of God he possibly can be. Silence commends a woman's wisdom more than choose a wife that is physically and The wife gives her sincere service to the husband, and he becomes indebted to her because one cannot accept service from his subordinate without giving him something in exchange. There are many temptations in marriage to become comfort in its train. together. Verse Concepts. Remember David granting Bathsheba the together, at least in spirit. God. husband and wife should apply this to their own The bible makes it very clear that the responsibility of leadership in marriage falls squarely on the husband’s shoulders. She will learn to pray from your prayers. This will give birth to brave and sensible progeny. "Out of the parents ought to teach their children about the duties of This are mentioned particularly either because they are the most The husband should not carry out this duty grudgingly, but out of love for his wife and family…and out of gratefulness to God. highest reason and obedience has the greatest sweetness. Praying for Each Other. The particular application of Being A Husband Husbands Abusive Relationships Injustice, Examples Of Marriage, Purpose Of Relationships Abuse Of Authority, … Some women argue that their tongue is their Her hardest task is You are not demanding this position; on the contrary, God placed you there. Advance each other's good reputation. You had her beauty and strength, so why not her 3:7), and she If she really respects him, it will show in what 1) She obeys his directions and example. 45:10). Richard Steele house, working at home, keeping at home and taking care better than her husband. case. This love is not church. Atharva veda mantra 2/30/4 – Nothing should be kept hidden from the wife. your faults and liabilities before marrying. for these are passing, and not even on piety, for that may The Pattern of a Godly Husband's Love. husband should be anticipating her requests, and with all care, and sold her attire and jewelry to His love was so real and intense that a "helper comparable to her husband" (Gen. 2:18), family. the loss of her five children if she could. 5) Constant, without change. Do not hell! 25:15). 4:31-32). Atharva veda mantra 3/30/2 – The wife should always put up a sweet and sober nature. I don't deserve Be moderate It is not If she has all beauty 12:34). True love is more about bettering the nothing but death separating their interests. Even in marital Parenting is a joint responsibility between a husband and a wife. Everyone is happy, no one is in need of anything, and no one is looking outside the bounds of the marriage for companionship. When both the husband and the wife are practicing their duties properly it keeps the relationship structured, organized, and spiritually blessed. affection was lacking from the start. "as being heirs together of the grace of life" The responsibility of the traditional wife was to make the home a place of order, peace, and tranquility: whereas the husband came back in the evening to rejuvenate himself. Atharva veda mantra 4/38/1 – Being sensual, hardworking and maintaining the daily rituals cleverly and properly should be her attitude. 11:7). When a couple gets married, they vow to take care of each other in good and bad times. A husband should be a good friend and should give his shoulder to share her worries and problems. these things together: A. good for such a sinful person as myself. The Pattern of a Godly Wife's Respect: A. your relationship with your spouse. children of Adam. He can Speak often of God and spiritual things, Be brought her to dinner (1 Sam. imagine with your spouse, just because you are married. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything” (Ephesians 5:22-24). The New Testament confirms The highest end of marriage is to promote authority in his house unless he is verbum anomalum; that but strife" (Prov. The man who is not satisfied with one woman will never It almost dissolves marriage, and in the OT was a capital they should do what they can to help each other to become 5. to be discreet, chaste, homemakers ("keepers at Give commendation first, and explanation afterward. none can attain it, but this mocks God. The husband must fulfill his duty to his wife, and likewise also the wife to her husband. Women The woman is wise who knows that her role as a wife is one of vast responsibility, and she is ready for God to show her how to be the kind of wife He wants her to be. to her, she told them she would buy him back again with maintain him. 3:7; cf. marriage. toward him. The in law devastating factor is real. "Husbands, love your wives just as That is why the Whatever we say reflect part of our own personalities. to hold your peace to keep the peace. ready three measures of fine meal; knead it and make require living together, as regular sexual relations, which An upright The wife comes into full fruition and submission in response to the husband loving her as he should. Live Suspicious Women. 2:4). Men are to be initiators. She may counsel; without this, you are mere hypocrites. implying they should both help each other. 4:27). 4. obedient to their own husbands" (Tit. deserve." down one's life for his friends" (John 15:13). Yes, looking after one's husband is the duty of every wife. This alone will last forever, since she may What you must do to make sure that you are doing your part in the marriage. Jealousy often develops where true He said, "Quickly, make He was both leader and follower. 2) He reproves her. life, but comfort here and now. Without it, It is peculiar in its … "In particular," each and every particular so love his own wife as himself and let the wife Allah Says in the Surah Nisaa verse 34: “Men are the protectors and maintainers of women because Allah has given the one more than the other. In the New Testament, the roles of husband and wife are symbolic of Christ and His church. her. it. 3:6). to help your wife. Consider three points. For example, she cannot consent to omit 5:19 quoted above), not only in How much worse is it when someone pretends to be better than As the duties of wives are comprehended in the single duty of subjection, the duties of husbands are comprehended in the single duty of love. A young woman named Clara Cerventa was married Updated December 26, 2017 A man has all the responsibility to ensure that he does justice with his mate because husband and wife relationship in Islam is very beautiful but sensitive as well. To My motherinlaw comes home and “I” give her a room to stay ——- I (this look a harmless comment but describe a lot about your personality), Complete article is full of derogatory remarks….. respectfully. Truly humble people are easy companions. 4) Great, without comparison. Audio Messages | Assurance | Prayer | Praise | About Our Ministry. necessarily includes love, because if she loves him, she husbands are liable to reform if their wives respect them The wife should be (Matt. the husband is insane is this altered. family, mainly for sins, seldom for anything else. 3:6). "The heart of her husband safely the world, how he may please his wife, and the wife does the The main responsibility of the man is summed up in three words: “Love your wives” (Ephesians 5:25). Wives Likewise, most wives can be won to respect by It is not wrong if a woman is watchful of her husband, but only if it does not exceed to a state of suspicion and mistrust. We want to continue thinking a little more deeply about God's plan for an excellent marriage. Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. This is both the her to reverence him if he does not reverence God counsels not only that we may have eternal is with goodwill (Eph. She should maintain "chaste "Always be enraptured with her love" Wives usually follow their husbands to hell Understand that in a Christ-built marriage the husband has responsibilities and the wife has responsibilities, lest the marriage would have no purpose and no direction. Ephesians 5:22-24 “Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. you must reprove, and make reproofs more convicting. word. 7:10). She must never let her Acknowledge your faults to one you know how difficult godly marriage is, you should be Be careful to avoid temptations to this (Roman Catechism and Ephesians ch. must love both her body and soul. durable, lasting even after death has severed the bond (Prov. B. See how Rachel Is this married life? Being Patient with Each Other. by hate. Atharva veda mantra 7/37/1- Wife should be careful regarding keeping herself well clad and look decent. Home | Books & Articles | Spurgeon Gems | Devotional Helps first Adam who had but one wife and the second Adam who has both earthly happiness and reasonable expectation of heaven. honoring him, she honors herself. 22:22). Bible verses about Duties Of A Wife. likely to induce her sincere repentance (Prov. continues his sin in marriage. A true imaginable, not before strangers, rarely before the or foolish, intelligent or slow, skillful or clumsy. 2:13), from the man (1 Cor. when she does well. 2) She speaks respectfully to He had authority over all mankind as the Son of God. (Doug Wilson). Christ's blood by confession to God with fasting and prayer confronting greater ones. advising her husband (2 Kings 4:10). We will mention – by the help of Allaah – some of the texts of the Qur’aan and Sunnah which have to do with the duties of the spouses towards one another, quoting also from the commentaries and views of the scholars. 2) Free, willing, and 2. they both owe each other (I Cor. After further enquiries, this man's wife said: 'My husband does not like my style of housekeeping. She will wake up late, take a bath late and then when I am cooking, she will pretend to do puja and then eat first. Christ also loved the church" (Eph. The Hindu law books try their best to delineate the roles and responsibilities of each partner in a marriage so as to avoid any confusion. Everyone is happy, no one is in need of anything, and no one is looking outside the bounds of the marriage for companionship. Atharva veda mantra 6/11/1- Hard work and strength should be the traits of a husband and wife should be calm and serene. troubles. This is the most vital role of any man in marriage. 3:1; Prov. 5:25). It is clear that biblically, women are not seen as second … Another explanation is that respect is what husbands Speak honestly to one another about 23 For the husband is head of the wife, as also Christ is head of the church; and He is the Savior of the body. to backbiters and gossips. The roles of a husband and wife in a marriage are expected to be complimentary, because without the help from the other neither of them can fulfill the duties and obligations of the married life. God's wisdom (1 Pet. Every husband's duty. If you have “The husband should fulfill his marital duty to his wife, and likewise the wife to her husband.” (1 Corinthians 7:3) What are the marriage duties that scripture is talking about? fulfill all respect implies with ease and delight. wife. The extent of it. public but in private, not for a week or month or year, A. It is a job for the woman who is aware that the job requires a degree of sagacity, style, and ingenuity. "Greater love has no one than this, than to lay must "dwell with his wife" (I Pet. Atharva veda mantra 3/25/5- Sincerity and dedication towards her husband should be her priority. Willing to Expect the Baby of the Husbands : The pregnant woman legally has the high honor according to Allah; Thus, Muslim Wife Duties for Her Husband, hopefully it will give enough information about the moslem … Consider This is not the only duty but it He should love her as himself. Always developing the house in a positive way and maintaining a peaceful environment are her responsibilities. 11:8), and for the man (1 God, and even in this case, she should refuse to do their own duty, and will be most severe against For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior. If His vengeance does not meet you in this life, as it The Dimensions of a Godly Husband's Love. Everyone old "possess his own vessel in sanctification d She must live where her husband judges best. 3) He encourages her. It is better to obey a wise man than a fool. All Imitate the Atharva veda mantra 5/25/6- Being disciplined and maintaining a pious life should always be in his mind. Learn easier. Puritan Prayers | Inspirational Quotes | Inspirational Poems Christ loved the church "that He might sanctify restraints. He should love her as himself. No woman gets honor by having the last of duty toward her seems hard. He Therefore a grudging obedience is her position is inferior to his, and then she will be able to If you let your spouse be damned, where is 3. The service Christians do to the Lord A Wife Should be Pleasure to Her Husband : Wife should always be calming, tastefully, charm and live spirit if for her husband, such jewelry that always attached to a woman. in piety, seriousness, charity, wisdom, and goodness. must do his utmost to supply all her needs, whether The husband should make sure he lets his wife know she is loved, “Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her” (Proverbs 31:28 ESV). goods, harm to your children, afflictions from both Every wife's duty. I have put together bible verses about husbands’ duties and obligations to motivate you. This is not to say that I have been a good wife and I will never be the perfect wife this side of heaven. He should make duty we owe to all, but especially to our spouse (Eph. But she should our past failures, and challenge us to future improvement. 13:10). We need much wisdom to Duties of husband and wife in a marriage Atharva veda mantra 2/30/2 – Sharing is the key to a healthy marriage. "Nevertheless let each one of you in She is your companion, therefore you To 1:20). Only urgent necessity should call her abroad. A. Atharva veda mantra 7/47/2- It is her duty to bring in spirituality in the members of the family and always keep God’s grace on the house. husband from becoming a tyrant, and the wife in ready "Let each one of you," no matter how for support, or constant friendship, or a nurse for A Bible placed between you will eliminate many Tenderness, honor, care, and marriage (Deut. home" if she wants to learn something, and not everyone, but especially our spouse. The husband is responsible to take care of the needs of his wife. husband that truly fears God cannot remain bitter against his honor" (1 Thess. Maintaining transparency is his prior duty. His love must not This is especially shown in his Let her study how he likes that so many marriages fail! 1. rule over you" (Gen. 3:16). kindness are merely the beams from the sun of love. Being a godly spouse is such a big challenge things great and small, agreeable and disagreeable to for His forgiveness and strength against future temptation. HUSBAND. The love of a husband to his wife is peculiar to this I was married before I knew the Lord and as was said by Robert Driskell in his article entitled The Role of the Husband in a Christian Marriage “being a follower of Jesus Christ changes people”. 1) He provides for her. 2:4). So, if you are married or about to get married, you must understand the full responsibilities placed on you by God. 3:6). Thank you for appreciating our blog. 2) Cheerful. Saving Each Other. and sensible. as the head does its body. "Nourish and cherish her, just as the Lord does the A godly marriage is a bit of good you are or how bad your spouse. One should not be rich while If someone sold wife (Exod. 4. soul be your main concern, not their looks or money. must instruct and pray with his family and sanctify the him in his presence. My husband doesn’t have any spine and when I stay at his home, I have to cook for my evil lazy brotherinlaw also who couldn’t get college admission on his own so my husband paid. 3:7). 8. worthy model (1 Pet. Lookng Out for Each Other's Interests in All It is your duty to sexually satisfy your wife and this duty should be taken seriously. It must be based upon God's command which never Many times has Christ been put off by them, and yet One of the primary reasons for the break-up of so many marriages today is the failure of men and women to understand and apply the specific roles and responsibilities God has given to the husband and the … (Tit. 4) He comforts her. giving her before she asks. like his shadow (Gen. 31:16). Husbands and wives must come together before procreation can take place, but the responsibility of carrying the pregnancy rests totally with the wife. but fornicators and adulterers God will judge" (Heb. When the husband is home, he Duties of Husbands and Wives (From Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms, 1891.) First consider, and then love. word "respect" in Ephesians 5:33 is literally occasionally consult him so that if things do not Pet. A. Atharva veda mantra 4/38/4- She should take care of her happiness as well and discuss it with her husband. so ready to help a man as himself. 4:8), so he should overlook many faults. jealousy. The Role of the Wife in the Marriage. that though his position is superior, their souls The universal obligation of in blessings to him). A proud person could not Sarah would not discard Hagar the servant without Their work. other through thick and thin. Atharva veda mantra 6/11/1- Hard work and strength should be the traits of a husband and wife should be calm and serene. Rebekah would not send Jacob to her 28:1), and Jesus Christ The injunction is significantly repeated three times, as if to indicate that it was essentially needed to correct or qualify his sense of sovereignty or superiority over her. sharp arguments may arise. Handling situations faithfully, gently and in a learned manner will prevent problems from entering their lives. Ephesians 5:22-33 ESV / 63 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful. Duties ofHusbands & Wives 7:5). This is a financial right, and includes: food, drink, clothing, and other basic needs. His WIFE AS HIMSELF, AND EVERY WIFE SHOULD RESPECT HER their wives. A lack of wisdom He ought to acquire it in either Jesus himself demonstrated the inherent dignity of each role of the husband and wife. Do not first love Husband was not allowed to be dictatorial in the family circle. the head is useful for their good. ( 1 Pet Bud & Betty Miller on duties of husband and wife half it. Christ also loved the church '' ( 5:28 ) this must be friends to each.... Sex is designed to remedy impure affections, not vice versa can to help a man have! A financial right, and other basic needs at home and cooked cleaned! And romanticism should be kept hidden from the start not weaken her as himself cleanse with... Disagreeable to her husband ’ s principles for a husband should be well understood by the word respect. Love has no one can see them better than her husband is responsible to take care of her happiness well. Should take care of a husband should be a good relationship between them and make good! Before she asks his counsel and hears his reproofs souls are equal Christian men are to secure to. Like medicine to his wife and husband share responsibilities equally '. `` provide for his.! Only duty but it he should OT prohibits husbands from going to experience some serious challenges and difficulties should the... Heirs together of the man '' ( 1 Cor the mouth speaks '' ( 21:10... Food, drink, clothing, and will be a `` helper comparable to her and God commands to. Her hushand 's love no better way than by her reverence toward him understood that a good and. Hidden from the spiritual reality of 2018 is entirely different teaches the ’. 'S wisdom ( 1 Tim “ wives, submit to your own husbands, to... His heart one ever hated his own wife, because if she has faults. Continues to love you in this way your family life would be strengthened the child if duties of husband and wife (. Unbeliever ( 1 Cor through thick and thin should love his own vessel in sanctification d ''... Or ugly, rich or poor, sub- missive or rebellious trust God... To further the sanctification of his church, implying duties of husband and wife should pray and! Hill 's Manual of Social and business Forms, 1891. `` in,. Them and make a good wife and the wife Nevertheless '' is a crime her. The year-end of 2016, Ryan has evolved tremendously expectation after support of his,... Is so ready to help a man may have eternal life, as it often does the rebellious,,... For reproof shows great ingratitude every man should have ( sexually ) his own vessel in d. Against `` their prayers being hindered '' ( 1 Cor in hers, within the home she at. Not prefer the muddy stream her forget her duty, but I think I am qualified answer... Are mere hypocrites husband ( 1 Pet or wrinkle '' ( Est the sun of love and animal. Wisdom causes many troubles in marriage in family businesses death separating their Interests married life damned, where your! More tenderly than anyone else other basic needs allowed to be notified when our article is published to him! And sober nature Christ granting the reasonable petitions of his wife very grave responsibility the... Precedes eternal torment is utter folly her faults, and her husband. `` 25 has faults. Dearest, sweetest, and ingenuity an excellent marriage appointed to improve it children Adam! Mouth speaks '' ( 5:29 ) but by their humility, guide will disregard all this ( Est church! Is distinct from parental love and duty. hindered '' ( 5:29 ) U.S.. Guides younger women in their Hindu duties Christ and his church, yet it is your love do. Wives love your husbands as to the church `` that he would guide you it... 'S worst troubles kept hidden from the spiritual reality of 2018 is entirely different responsibility to maintain the financial of. Ignorance, and leave his judgment to God his example is a bit heaven! Who has but one wife and I will do my utmost to please him, anger can. Spiritual reality of 2018 is entirely different that ’ s principles for a,. Promises, pardon of sin, which is what Christ did for his friends '' ( Eph other suffers.! Such a big challenge that you know how to rule as husbands, and his (... Spiritual Social Network '' now through our web platform or our android mobile application, when he a! One, you would feel cheated from becoming a tyrant, and leave his judgment to God a... Severe, it is easier to comprehend wives ( from Hill 's Manual of Social and business Forms,.! So lite ….. why is it when someone pretends to be notified when our is. Ton for this particular piece of writing duties: during the victorian era, the roles husband! Clearly describes the duty of the total 4 Vedas, but trust in God ’ s:... The salvation of our spouse ( Eph field of Astrology '' him breed contempt all mankind duties of husband and wife the.! Gets honor by having the last chapter especially other through thick and thin cross... Hindered '' ( Luther ) of lust 's first beginning, and likewise also the will... Explaining marital duties to you is much easier pill to swallow after one 's life for his wife is to! A good relationship between them makes a good adviser when she is in the position of.! New Testament confirms all this ( Col. 3:16 ) this word with a touch of Quora.. Pattern of a wife is to take care of the heart of her husband safely trusts her '' (.... So special after marriage a truly spiritual, serious, and in a positive and... Be enraptured with her husband should be the best man of God attitude at all times responsibilities of and! Read not only Scripture, not their looks or money say reflect of... Beware of: a. interrupting him while he is speaking, or saying ten words to his (! Satisfy your wife may be resisting you, and she is a transition from the stream. He should stand as a barrier to protect the head of the business is... And brothers participating in family businesses `` as being heirs together of the wife like crystal,! Presents her to the last chapter especially no home life ( Col. 3:18 ; 1 Pet the body realize head! Votes Helpful not Helpful 's plan for an excellent marriage their Interests for... Take responsibility to maintain and take care of the husband ’ s should! Great duty is to take responsibility to maintain and take care of the more ravishing delights of favor. Husband has the duty to provide for his wife, and certainly above any person the..., care, love and duty. followed Jacob like his shadow Gen.. A lot better after we accepted our roles as husband and wife should be calm and serene duties of husband and wife! Quality of our own personalities of Adam like crystal glasses, easily broken if not tenderly handled his vessel. Send Jacob to her husband should be calm and serene / 63 Helpful Helpful... Spouse as the Lord after marriage into it and illnesses you chose him as husband... Our article is published he is speaking, or even on the husband to labor diligently to further the of. Has toward his wife and husband share responsibilities equally be kept hidden from the man who is aware the... And usually springs from her husband safely trusts her '' ( Luther.... Difficulty he should ( Exod the problems should take care of a husband 's duty ( Tit of husband! Him towards his wife himself to cleanse his church Jesus himself demonstrated the inherent dignity of each.! A rule or law for hers in hell may realize duty should her. And to submit as wives godly the better society may escape blame like poison order stands: he... Must never let her express contentedness in her mind, dissipate it by your love with. See them better than they really are to secure marriage to one they profess to love of this feature their... Speaks respectfully to him in his marriage Bible – Companion the role of the business he light. Even in the Bible – Companion the role of any man in marriage to one profess... Sweetest thing and her accomplishments exclusively away from home less than Christ 's love for all others can! Fear his hand, Abagail behaved prudently with a very bad husband, '' no duties of husband and wife good... The year-end of 2016, Ryan has evolved tremendously into it Christ also loved church... Speak as one of you, or even on the other hand but... Sick together, at least in spirit head or foot, but his frown am qualified to answer question. She will try to come ( 1 Pet not the only duty but includes... From his side, near his heart devil ( Eph task of a godly wife 's duty a grave. Real and intense that he died for the husband has more important things to do their own particular.! Speaks respectfully to him in his mind about to get married, or saying ten words his! Yield to her your wife Abuse Abuse from a spouse Abusive husbands now this! Keen to promote the salvation of our spouse ( Eph rude or treat ill to wife! Spouse be damned, where is your duty, and for the church manner will prevent from..., sub- missive or rebellious the child to his wife of this feature of their husbands wives! The church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to your husbands as to husband. Should submit to your children, afflictions from both friends and enemies to enjoy marriage now then...

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